Cell Phone Usage in Pakistan

The cell phone usage in Pakistan is abit different then rest of the world.

First of all a little bit of introduction, about the total population of Pakistan, and then it’s mobile user base and it’s usage.

Pakistan Population is 182.1 million, the snap shot is from Google in case you want to kill me for the wrong information (Google to be blamed for this report)

Pakistan Population
Population of Pakistan as of 2013, according to Google

and we are furiously growing πŸ˜‰ , soon will cross US ..

Now Mobile Users:
If you are curious to know the mobile companies operating in Pakistan, pisssssssss off go to wikipedia,

You might not believe me and I don’t care πŸ™‚ , there are more than 137 Million mobile users ..
(I am not saying that, go Google or check PTA site or Local newspapers) Phew ..

Since we have more Youth than any where in the world. This is how they use cell phone.

Example 1:
As soon call is connected:
Han G Kidher ho (Urdu)
Charta Yai (Pushto)
(Meaning: Where are you)

Example 2:
Apnai Saath Rootiyan lai ana (Urdu)
Aleka, zaan sarraa rottai raoraa (Pushto)
(Meaning: Bring bread)

Example 3:
Bill Jamma Kar dia (Urdu)
Bill dai Jamma Koo (Pushto)
(Meaning: Did you paid the bill)

The list goes on and on, hopefully this post will be updated (or may be not, who cares :)..


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