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Let’s Loosen Up and Just Write – Day 1

On Day 1 of the Writing 101 Challenge: Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

Welcome to Writing 101. In this inaugural assignment, let’s loosen up and just write.

ohhhh it’s getting too much for me as I have joined the blogging 101 challenge as well and I wrote a piece there.

I made a confession about my writing, so before you bash over my writing skills, you better read my post. I am so tired right now and my mind gone blank. (My Mind Gone Blank, ahhhh words of my dearest one).

I think it’s enough for today.


WordPress Writing 101 Challenge

I have to make another confession: I am not a good writer, my writing sucks big time ..

My first confession is about blogging, you can read it here: I am a lazy blogger ….

I basically start this blog afresh to take on the wordpress writing challenge that is going to start from September 15th, 2014. In fact it’s not a challenge, but I am taking it as a challenge, cauz of my confessions 🙂

Let’s see.